We have three testing center locations on our New Bern, 遮阳布, and Cherry Point campuses. Each one offers a variety of standardized tests for credits or certifications that can help you progress in your education and your career. 我们也提供代理服务, as well as placement and make-up testing opportunities for 学生.

Our goal at each location is to provide a secure and supportive testing environment. We are open to current and future 学生, as well as the public. To promote a productive testing atmosphere, we ask that test takers abide by the following:

  • Testers must prove their identity by showing at least one valid photo ID, 比如驾照, before all testing sessions (some tests require two forms of ID)
  • Testers may not bring children into the Testing Center or leave them unattended outside the test area
  • Testers may not bring food or drinks into the Testing Center
  • 测试者将锁定所有个人物品, 包括电子设备, 手机, 手表, 外套, 钱包, 袋, and jackets in the secure storage area prior to entering the testing room
  • 考试中心 have a limited number of lockers that can be used to secure your items; please leave unnecessary items secured in your car or at home
  • Testers may not wear hats or hoods during testing (except religious head coverings)
  • Testers may not use calculators on tests unless it is a calculator link built into the test or unless a proctor explicitly states they may
  • Testers must use calculators and scratch paper provided by the Testing Center
  • Testers will turn in proctor-issued paper, pencils, and calculators upon test completion
  • If a tester needs ADA accommodations due to a disability, they should contact 残疾人服务 prior to scheduling any testing appointments

我们的樱桃点店, in partnership with the Marine Corps Community Services 教育 Program, operates a National Testing Center (NTC) aboard MCAS Cherry Point Air Station, which offers convenient and cost-effective testing services to military personnel, 家庭成员, 学生, 以及与基地有关的平民. The NTC also provides online testing and, 在大多数情况下, the test results are received immediately and scores are transferred to the school of your choice free of charge.

There are a few requirements for military 学生 testing at our Cherry Point location:

你可以 在这里查看重要的测试信息, including available tests, requirements, fees, restrictions, and more.


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