Getting involved with a club or organization can help you enjoy your college experience beyond the scope of classrooms, 教科书, 还有电脑屏幕. You will take part in new learning experiences that double as personal and professional development that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Current students can access more detailed club and organization information, including applications and bylaws, on 黑豹门户.


Joining a club is a great way to become familiar with our campuses while making new friends.

Our Student Government Association (SGA) is a club that is considered the voice of our student body. SGA members are responsible for reviewing and monitoring the allocation of student activity fees, shaping policies affecting student life, coordinating extracurricular activities, and chartering new clubs and organizations. They are also involved in a number of philanthropic efforts and events across the community.

We offer a variety of other clubs that include:

  • Compositions and Conversations Club
  • 渴望健身俱乐部
  • Early Childhood Educators Club
  • 游戏俱乐部
  • 健康 信息技术 Club
  • 体现俱乐部
  • 制造俱乐部
  • 美洲黑豹队的棒球
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Club
  • 骄傲的俱乐部
  • Student Government Association
  • 学生护理协会


Joining an organization is another great way to immerse yourself in a social college experience.


  • 3CGC福音合唱团
  • 再来一个! 唱歌大使
  • 赫斯特学生大使
  • National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
  • Phi Theta Kappa
  • SkillsUSA






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