If you’ve never attended Craven CC before, or if you're a former student returning after more than one year, follow the steps below to get started. For more detailed step-by-step processes, including a student checklist and resources, visit 欢迎来到克雷文 Community 大学!

步骤1: 完成 住院医生实习期 Determination (RDS) interview process

步骤2: 提交你的 入学申请 〇去大学 view How to Create Your CFNC Account (video)

步骤3: Apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

步骤4: Submit official copies of your transcripts from all that apply. 查看我们的 成绩单 说明页面.

步骤5: Check your 电子邮件 (including your spam, junk, and promotions folders). In the days after submitting your application, 招生 Specialists will contact you with important information regarding the status of your application and any next steps you need to take.

Once all 招生 steps are complete, you will receive an 电子邮件 with your Student Account information, 包括你的用户名, 电子邮件, 和七位数的学号.

If you do not receive an 电子邮件 from 招生 within three business days of submitting your application, 请 电子邮件 或致电252-638-7430.

步骤6: 参加 新生迎新. All new students must attend an orientation session in order to register for courses for their first semester or term. While we encourage all new students to attend the in-person orientation if it is offered, an online orientation is available.

第七步: Once you have received your Student Account information, meet with an academic advisor to:

  • 讨论 位置测试 (如果需要)
  • 计划你的时间表
  • 注册课程

访问我们的 建议 page for more information on how to connect with an academic advisor.

Speak with an 招生 Specialist

If you have questions about the application and admissions process, we're here to help! 请致电252-638-7430或 电子邮件我们 for assistance or to schedule a virtual meeting. You can also stop by and see us in 巴克霍尔 on our New Bern campus or the Redd计划建设 on our 遮阳布 campus. We look forward to speaking with you!







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